Andtec has developed a new and innovative product for safety and health:

  • PUA® is specifically designed to protect and cover all scaffolding connection joints for all kind of scaffolds.
  • PUA® provides safety and avoid injuries wherever workers and public has access to sccafold structures
  • PUA® signs and marks scaffolds.
  • PUA® is reusable
  • PUA® avoids the manipulation of the scaffoldings for personnel foreign to the work.
  • PUA® is available in different colours and you can print your logo

The utilization of PUA® generates an important added value for safety and quality in the construction and their interaction with the daily activity of all the citizens.

Observations of Security:

The Universal Scaffolding Protector, PUA® is a safety element and not a system, for what the user of PUA® is in last instance the person in charge of safety and of the determination of the adequacy and units of the product to install in every work, for the due use and managing that is destined to the above mentioned product, assuming the risks and responsibilities, of any nature derived from this.

PUA® is full compatible with all scaffold systems.


Scaffolding Systems

ANDTEC Tel: +34600594393

ANDTEC Tel: +34600594393